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Raoul Dufy

From 17 February to 17 May 2015

Early booking is recommended

Raoul Dufy
Open Window, Nice, 1928
Oil on canvas
65,1 x 53,7 cm

The Art Institute of Chicago, Joseph Winterbotham Collection
© Raoul Dufy / VEGAP / Madrid, 2015

Paul Delvaux: A Walk with Love and Death

From 24 February to 07 June 2015

Early booking is recommended

Paul Delvaux
The Table, 1946
Oil on canvas
86 x 76 cm

Private Collection on deposit at Musée d´lxelles, Brusssels
© Foundation Paul Delvaux, Koksijde, Belgium / VEGAP – SABAM – 2015

The Upper Balcony

The Upper Balcony

Located on the top floor of the new building, the views from its terrace look over the Paseo del Prado in the historic heart of Madrid. Its location makes it highly suitable for private receptions both during the day when the Museum is open, and at night after it has closed.

Virtual visit to the space

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Location, Available times and Availability:


Fifth Floor.
100 people.
Surface area:
135 square metres.
250 square metres.
The Upper Balcony is available when the Museum is open and closed.
In July and August The Upper Balcony becomes a restaurant open to the public, for which reason the Temporary Exhibitions remain open until 11pm.

Available times:

  • Events held while the Museum is open can take place from Tuesdays to Sundays between 9am and 5pm
  • Private visits while the Museum is closed can take place all day Mondays and on Tuesdays to Sundays from 7.30pm onwards.


  • Availability cannot be guaranteed until the day on which the reservation is confirmed.
  • Please check availability when requesting budget:
  • Elena Benarroch Vila: evila[at]
  • Maria Ruiz-Rivas: mruizrivas[at]

List of prices and services

While the Museum is open:
Up to 50 people, 4.000 € + 18% VAT
Up to 100 people, 6.000 € + 18% VAT
Price per extra person, 80,00 € + 18% VAT
While the Museum is closed:
Up to 50 people, 6.000 € + 18% VAT
Up to 100 people, 10.000 € + 18% VAT
Price per extra person, 120,00 € + 18% VAT

Services included in the hiring of rooms in the museum during normal opening hours

  • An insurance policy for damage and another for civil responsibility
  • Sufficient staff to cover the Museum’s security service
  • Sufficient staff to man the cloakroom
  • Private use of the contracted room

Services included in the hiring of rooms in the museum outside normal opening hours

  • Exclusive opening of the Museum
  • Private Visit to the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection in groups of 25, accompanied by an art historian who will show the Collection to visitors in the agreed language
  • An insurance policy for damage and another for civil responsibility
  • Sufficient staff to cover the Museum’s security service
  • Sufficient staff to man the cloakroom
  • Private use of the contracted room


Simultaneous use of various rooms: If various rooms are rented at the same time, the full rate for the main room will be applied, plus the minimum rate for the associated rooms. “Main room” is understood here as the one with the highest rate of rental of those hired.

Number of guests: The price for each additional person is calculated according to the first category for each room, calculated according to the corresponding rates for visits during normal opening hours or when the Museum is closed to the public.

Guided tour: Prices with the Museum closed to the public always include a private guided tour except in the case of the Auditorium. Prices when the Museum is open to the public do not include a private guided tour, and the normal rates for guided tours will be applied.

Guides: Prices for a Private Tour include a guide for every 25 people. If smaller groups are required, the supplement for each extra guide is 100 Euros in Spanish and 125 Euros in other languages.

Length of use and setting-up: Prices for renting rooms correspond to 4 hours of use plus 1 hour for setting-up. Each additional hour of use or for setting-up will be charged at 10% of the rental price. Should the setting-up have to be done the day before the event is held and assuming the room is available, the normal rate for that room will be applied.

Projection of the talk given in the Auditorium in the Press Room or the Bodmer Room: this implies an increase of 30% on the rental fee for the Auditorium.

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: Prices increase by 15%.

Tours at night: For private tours starting after 9pm, an additional 10% is charged.


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Rules for use:

the following rules have been established with the aim of ensuring the appropriate treatment of works in the museo thyssen-bornemisza.

Companies contracted directly must adhere to the following:

Should an event to be held in the Museum require the installation of items of decoration, sound-projection, lighting etc, a short summary of the project must be presented beforehand that provides sufficient detail to allow an assessment of the effect these installations will have on the Museum’s safety and in particular the works of art housed within it. Having analysed the project, the Fundación can at any time make any modifications it considers necessary or not allow the proposed project if the installations proposed may endanger the works in the collection and/or the safety of the Museum or are considered in any way inappropriate in the opinion of the Fundación.

  • The necessary information must be communicated to the Fundación regarding the way in which the event is to be installed at least 7 days prior to the date of that event.
  • It is not permitted to smoke, eat or drink in areas of the Museum in which works of art are located.
  • It is not permitted to take photographs in the galleries of the Museum.
  • It is not permitted to locate any type of furniture (tables, chairs, bars) in front of the works of art.
  • For safety reasons, it is not permitted to use decorative items that have any type of candle or comparable lighting.
  • Bottles of wine or other fizzy drinks must be uncorked at the interior bars where no works of art are located.
  • It is not permitted to smoke for safety reasons.

rules for sub-contracted firms for events held at the museo Thyssen-Bornemisza.

  • Staff of catering, audiovisual companies etc, must at all times attend to instructions given by the Fundación’s staff.
  • They must guarantee the adoption of the protective measures relating to their employees as set out in the Ley 31/1995 of Prevención de Riesgos Laborales and the Real Decreto 39/1997 of 17 January.
  • Send the Fundación at least 7 days prior to the date of the event a list of the names, surnames and identity card numbers and details of the staff to be present at the event.
  • Provide and be responsible for all material considered necessary for the organisation of the cocktail, decoration, sound, etc within the rules established by the Museum so that these installations will not in any way damage the building or the works of art housed within it.
  • Have the installation fully completed prior to the arrival of guests, bearing in mind that the process of installation must not interfere with the activities of visitors to the Museum during public opening hours.

information and rules on unloading material.

  • Ramp to garage and garage: 2.10m gauge.
  • Loading bay subject to prior permission and availability.
  • Main door of the Museum assuming that both the type of material and the time of the event allow for its use.
  • Unloading material will be undertaken in agreement with the Museum at the most convenient time depending on each event.
  • Taking down and removing all material once the event has finished, with the client expressly responsible for the cleaning of the rooms that have been used in the Museum, including taking away rubbish of any kind (rubbish, packaging etc) that has been generated by the event in a maximum time space of 2 hours after the end of the event.
  • Vehicles hired by the client will unload their material and leave the Museum, returning at the agreed time to collect the above-mentioned material.

Types of Tours:

  • Temporary Exhibitions.
  • Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection.
  • Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection.

Specific tours:

  • Painted jewels in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection.
  • Artistic techniques in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection.

Go to Guided visits:


Price 167€

Please note, this quotation is only a guideline. For a confirmed quotation, Contact the Department of Promotion and Corporate Development:

  • Elena Benarroch Vila: evila[arroba]
  • Maria Ruiz-Rivas: mruizrivas[arroba]

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