1. Reading and approval, as appropriate, of the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Trustees of October 26th, 2020.

2. Communication of appointment of Government Appointed Trustees.


3.Approval, if applicable, of the annual accounts for the year ended December 31st, 2020 of the Foundation, duly audited by the IGAE, and the application of the result (surplus for the year 2020 to reduce negative surpluses from previous years).

4.Report on the year-end forecast for the 2021 budget.

5.Proposal to approve the Foundation’s Budget for the 2022 financial year, depending on the audit report as issued by IGAE

6.Proposal to approve the Foundation’s four-year plan for 2022-2025.

7. Information on the contracts signed by the Foundation worth over 300,000 euros, during the period 01.01.20 - 31.12.20.

8.Management report.

  • 8.1.Status of the legal proceedings underway in the USA regarding the Cassirer family’s attempt to claim ownership of Camille Pissarro’s “Rue Saint Honoré. Effet de pluie”.

  • 8.2. Update of space rental rates.

  • 8.3. Cibersecurity Report.

  • 8.4. Museum digital transformation plan.


9.Appointment of the new Head of the Security department.


10. Authorization of the loans of the Permanent Collection and the Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection works of art.

11. Any other business.