Fundación Abertis

Abertis is the international market leader in the management of toll roads, overseeing over 8,600 kilometres of high capacity and quality roads in 15 countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Abertis is the first national operator of toll roads in countries including Spain, Chile and Brazil, and also has a significant presence in France, Italy and Puerto Rico. The company has stakes in more than 700km in the United Kingdom, Argentina and Colombia.

Due to the internationalisation strategy developed by the Group in recent years, more than 70% of Abertis’ revenue comes from outside Spain, particularly from France, Brazil and Chile.

For Abertis, the safety of drivers is an absolute priority. The company continually invests in smart technology and engineering to make sure our customers have a safe, comfortable, fast and convenient experience when choosing to use our roads.

Abertis is committed to research and innovation, combining the advances in high capacity infrastructure with the new technologies to create innovative solutions to address the challenges of the mobility of the future. Abertis is also committed to society as a whole, and the sponsorship of cultural activities is one significant way the group demonstrates this commitment, believing that culture enriches a community and improves its overall quality of life.