The Fundación Abertis was established in 1999 as a non-profit organisation, with the aim of responding to the impact that the Abertis Group´s economic activity has on the different territories and countries where the Group is present. The foundation has always prioritised campaigns relating to road safety, the environment and social action, in line with the Abertis Corporate Social Responsibility Strategic Plan. 

Culture is one of the fundamental pillars of the social endeavours carried out by the Abertis Group and its foundation. Equally so are road safety, the environment, and, in general, issues that help us improve citizen´s quality of life. The group´s relationship with culture has been a longstanding one, in which Abertis has lent its support to ensure that exhibitions of great artists such as Dalí, Velázquez, Miró and Picasso, among others, can be visited by citizens wherever the group is present.

Thanks to its support