The emphasis on training has had a positive impact on our volunteers. It also highlights our dedication to providing quality visits, regarding both content and interaction with the public. It demonstrates our commitment to our volunteers' own experience, promoting flexibility, adaptability, dialogue, teamwork, and continuous learning.

Thanks to the selflessness, hard work, time, enthusiasm, commitment to learning and the interest in promoting the collection of each volunteer, key relationships have been established between the works and many different groups that today frequently attend so many of our events and activities. Currently we have 25 volunteers that make up a permanent team. It includes people of all ages who give continuity to the hard work of all those who, throughout these years, have been part of this initiative.


  • 1993: The team was created thanks to an initiative set up with IMSERSO to offer activities for diverse groups including for the over 65s.
  • 1995: Tours for Contexts of the Permanent Collection, included additionally
  • 1996: Tours forThe Painting of the Month, included additionally.
  • 2011: Introduction of a volunteer training programme led by our Education Department to ensure the efficient management of the team and the expansion and diversification of the range of activities on offer.
  • 2012: More activities were included in the volunteer programme such as the tours for our set of exhibitions Exchanging Gazes, as well as for a number of other exhibitions and projects.

En la actualidad, el voluntariado desarrolla tres programas: