Alice in Wonderland is conducted entirely in English and designed for bilingual and/or native English-speaking families with children aged 6 and over. The activity considers Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece through the ideas that the artists in the museum explored.

How many stories can a picture tell? Can we change the characters in a story for those in a painting? What about the settings and objects? To what extent do those changes alter the narrative? The aim of the activity is to gain an understanding of this literary classic through the world of art, so during the guided tour we’ll jump down the hole after the rabbit and follow Alice’s footsteps in an imaginary world packed with adventures.

The activity is conducted entirely in English and aimed at families with children aged 6 and over.

How we do it: The guided tour focuses on a small selection of works to encourage discussion among the members of the group and gain a genuine understanding of the chosen titles. We recommend that children wear comfortable clothes so they can sit on the floor.

Note: Over the Christmas holidays the activity will be conducted in Spanish.

Important: Children must be accompanied by an adult.