Once again, the museum takes part in Madrid Otra Mirada with two guided tours featuring the theme "Architecture and the Concept of Citizenship." This itinerary is closely linked to this edition's theme, which commemorates the centenary of the passing of architect Ricardo Velázquez Bosco in Madrid. Organized by the City Council of Madrid, MOM is an annual event aimed at promoting the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the city.

Throughout history, architecture has often been a subject explored by painters, serving as both the backdrop to stories and the central focus of their works. This exploration allows us to understand its development as an artistic genre and bear witness to the changes experienced by this art form. Additionally, when architecture is seen as an integral part of a larger urban landscape, it has gradually shaped the concept of a city and, consequently, of citizenship. It becomes an ideological reflection of the cultural evolution of humanity.

The tour "Architecture and the Concept of Citizenship" showcases the evolution and social function of architecture through selected works from the museum's collections. These works serve as a reflection of one of the highest forms of artistic expression and, consequently, of the thoughts and ways of life across different eras, embodying the notion of citizenship.