The series of AperitivosThyssen concerts begins with Aries, the one-woman band of Isabel Fernández Reviriego, who has just brought out her fourth LP, Juramento Mantarraya (2019). This latest album, co-published by La Castanya and K Records (EEUU) and produced by the artist together with José Vázquez, continues her experimentation with sound and features lots of synthesisers and guitars, sampling…

This carefully produced album combines pop melodies with characteristic rhythms and the sounds of soul, free jazz, sunshine pop and experimental electronic music. Juramento Mantarraya is a ‘collection of dazzling musical intervals created by an artist who knows that only someone who puts the same enthusiasm into going for a walk as into composing melodies can reach people’s hearts’, explains the writer Raquel Peláez.

With the collaboration of: