In conjunction with the exhibition 1914! The Avant-garde and the Great War, the Museum presented a film cycle. It was featured some of the most important films to be made on the subject of World War I, including two masterpieces by the American director Frank Borzage, Seventh Heaven of 1927 and A Farewell to Arms of 1932. Also from 1932 is Ernst Lubitsch´s marvellous The Man I killed, while another magnificent film, Paths of Glory, was directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1957. The series were completed with some more recent titles such as Johnny got his Gun by Dalton Trumbo of 1971 (author of the novel of the same title) and examples of French filmmaking including La Grande Illusion of 1938 by Jean Renoir or Life and Nothing But by Bertrand Tavernier of 1989.