The works in the collection contain secrets and details not always visible to the naked eye. In this activity exclusively offered to Friends, participants will have the chance to focus on some of them and learn more about the different aspects they involve in a close-up and interactive manner, guided by one of the museum’s curators.

The Submission of the Sicilian Rebels to Antonio Moncada in 1411 and The Presentation of the Captain General’s Baton to Antonio de Moncada by the Queen Regent Blanca of Sicily in 1410, by David Teniers II and Jan van Kessel I, are the chosen works for this second edition. In this presencial activity Dolores Delgado, curator of Old Master Painting, will look at various issues relating to these two Baroque paintings, including the origins of their commission, their iconographic programme and compositional structure, encouraging participants to establish a dialogue and share their ideas on the works.