Taking part in Gastrofestival 2022, the gastronomic celebration to be held in Madrid from 16 to 29 May, the museum has devised a proposal that combines art and cuisine: a guided tour of the permanent collection with a focus on the depiction of gastronomy in art (only in Spanish). The tour ends with the sampling of a tapas inspired by the painting Cloudy Day (1871) by Alfred Thompson Bricher, an artist famous for his marine and coastal views, which is on view in the exhibition American Art in the Thyssen Collection.

The tour focuses on works that show how ways of eating and cooking, markets and pots and pans, fruit and a wide range of foodstuffs inspired artists of different periods and thus entered the history of painting.

The tapas to be sampled at the end of the tour is the perfect reflection of the painting that inspired it thanks to the hand-painted lacquer of kabayaki sauce, the caramelisation applied to the eel with a cook’s blowtorch, the cauliflower mutabal and the sweet and sour taste of the cucumber.