To coincide with the exhibition Renoir. Intimacy, the Museum’s Education Department is organising a monographic course which adopts a gender perspective to look at the depiction of the home environment in late 19th- and early 20th-century painting. Entitled Domestic Angels? Women and images of domestic intimacy, from Renoir to the avant-garde movements, it takes its starting point from the role that the bourgeoisie conferred on women at the time, relegating them to the home in the role of daughters, wives and mothers, in order to present other realities such as those offered by women artists who reassessed the very concept of bourgeois femininity through their works.

The course is divided into eight sections led by university professors, academics and researchers from Spanish and international institutions, including Patricia Mayayo, director of this course and head of the department of art history and art theory at the Universidad Autónoma, Madrid, and Guillermo Solana, the Museum’s artistic director.