Since the Middle Ages travel has been an essential part of many artists’ lives, in some cases motivated by professional necessity and in others by the desire to escape or in search of freedom and adventure.

Following in Dürer’s footsteps on his travels around Italy and the Low Countries; visiting the courts of Europe with Rubens; accompanying Pechstein and Gauguin on their adventures in the South Seas; and sharing the American dream of many European artists are the proposals that structure this new online course in the Routes around the Collection programme. This is a journey through works in the museum which reveals the importance for artists of moving from one place to another as a source of inspiration and discovery, a means to disseminate new techniques, materials and styles, and a stimulus for enriching the artistic language of the painters in question.

The course is led by professor Almudena Rodríguez Guridi on the Microsoft Teams platform. Participants will be sent access details and documentation by e-mail.