This year, curators, restorers and educators at the museum will be actively participating in International Museum Day, taking place worldwide on 18 May.

In the middle of the day 17 members of the museum’s different departments - Old Master Painting, Modern Painting, Exhibitions, Restoration and Education - will give talks in the galleries, explaining the permanent collection, the Carmen Thyssen collection and the temporary exhibition American Art in the Thyssen Collection and encouraging dialogue with the participating public.:

  • Room 5 (15th and 16th Centuries. Renaissance Portraiture): M.ª Eugenia Alonso (Curator Old Masters).
  • Room 8 (15th and 16th Centuries. German Painting): Dolores Delgado (Curator Old Masters).
  • Room 11 (16th Century. Carpaccio’s Knight: Restoration and technical study): Susana Pérez (Chief Conservation Officer) and Alejandra Martos (Conservator).
  • Room 12 (17th Century: Caravaggio and Baroque Painting): Mar Borobia (Chief Curator Old Masters).
  • Room 17 (18th Century. Italian Painting): Ubaldo Sedano (Head of Conservation) and Enrique Rodríguez (Conservator).
  • Room 23 (17th Century. Dutch Painting. Landscape): Ana Gómez González (Area of Education).
  • Room 28 (Dutch Painting. Ruisdael): Elena Rodríguez (Curator Assistant).
  • Room 31 (19th Century. Impressionism): Clara Marcellán (Curator Modern Painting).
  • Room 32 (20th Century. Expressionisms): Marta Ruiz del Árbol (Curator Modern Painting).
  • Room 34 (20th Century. Cubism and its Wake): Mariola Campello (Area of Education).
  • Sala 36 (20th Century. Russian Avant-gardes): Covadonga Fernández-Avello (Intern Modern Painting).
  • Exhibition American Art from the Thyssen Collection (Nature / Earth Rhythms): Salvador Martín Moya (Area of Education).
  • Exhibition American Art from the Thyssen Collection (Culture Crossings / Settings): Alba Campo Rosillo (Terra Foundation Fellow, Modern Painting Department).
  • Room A (17th and 18th Centuries. Old Masters): Juan Ángel López (Curator and Chief Content Officer).
  • Room F (19th Century. Gauguin and Postimpressionism): Guillermo Solana (Artistic Director).