What if you could see some of the most representative paintings of the museum in a completely original and unique way? The whispers of the Big Bang is an activity that combines art and science by proposing, with a guided tour, to explain the current vision of science about the origin of the universe through some of the most significant 20th century plastic works of the Thyssen collections. This is a different way to visit the museum.

During this guided tour we learn about the Big Bang theory, understanding its main features and the most important moments of the evolution of the cosmos history. We talk about the first instants of the universe and the creation of atoms, about the cosmic microwave background, the formation of galaxies or dark matter. And we do it all in a unique setting, with works by Mondrian, Magritte or Klee, which help us to establish a fascinating association of ideas. A science talk in an extraordinary place. This activity is a collaboration between the museum and La Academia Arte y Ciencia.

The visit is guided (in spanish)  by Miguel Peiró, PhD in Particle Physics and Cosmology, and head of La Academia Arte y Ciencia.
In order to take part in these special tours, you only need to purchase your general admission ticket at our ticket office or via our website and pay an additional fee of €8,10.