Into the Wild is an activity for families with children aged 6 and over. Conducted in English, it revolves around different ways of understanding art, communicating with others and creating.

Looking at a work of art sometimes requires different types of knowledge to be able to understand what is happening in it. We can use verbal language to ask questions and describe what we see, but it’s equally important to consider non-verbal elements such as body language, how the work appeals to the senses, and so on. To understand what a work is about, we need to bear in mind other forms of communication and start creating personal meanings.

How we do it: The guided tour focuses on a small selection of works to encourage discussion among the members of the group and gain a genuine understanding of the chosen titles. The activity is designed for families which children aged 6 and over and is conducted in English.

Important: Children should wear comfortable clothes so they can sit on the floor.