The iconic work Young Knight in a Landscape by Vittore Carpaccio, is being restored during 2020 in Room 11 of the permanent collection, in full view of the public, aims to analyse thoroughly the canvas’s characteristics. The restoration team use the most advanced techniques available in the museum laboratories: X-ray imaging, infrared reflectography, analysis of the materials used by the painter, and exhaustive photographic documentation. With this methodology, the team carefully examines the artist’s technique, the composition of the materials and their distribution in different layers, and the alterations and corrections made by Carpaccio in the process of creating the work. 

The aim of this intervention is to recover the original nuances and range of colours, deteriorated by grime and the alteration of the varnishes, which over time have considerably darkened the painting.

The installation designed for the occasion allows the public to watch the intervention process as it progresses, a rare opportunity to witness one of the least-known aspects of professional museum work. As they observe the restoration being done on the spot in real time, visitors are able to follow its progress and see the work that goes into ensuring the painting’s conservation.