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For its temporary exhibition Caillebotte, painter and gardener, the museum has released an interactive publication that delves into the theme of gardens in the work of the artist, as well as his link to Claude Monet. The publication consists of four chapters focused on the places that Caillebotte lived and worked in. The Paris of Haussmann: a mineral universe; Summers in Yerres: 1861-1879; The Seine and journeys to Normandy: 1880-1888 and Le Petit‐Gennevilliers: 1888-1894.

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My dear friend, I am painting a Stanhopea aurea that has blossomed this morning, and I cannot leave it as the flower will not last more than three or four days, after which it will only bloom next year. Please make my excuses to Mirbeau
Letter from Gustave Caillebotte to Claude Monet