Get to know the great North American painters of the 19th century. Through different tales, context maps and historical-artistic commentaries, you can discover the works of artists, such as George Catlin, Henry Lewis, Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Cole, Karl Bodmer and Frederic Remington, as well as how these artists contribute to the famous stories of “Cowboys and Indians”.

Within the app and for the most creative, the chapter La Biblioteca del Bosque (The Library of the Forest) has been thought up, where users will be able to discover the work of the contemporary artist Miguel Ángel Blanco and play a discovery game based on different hidden treasures.

This app has been active until December 2019.

In collaboration with: Fundación BBVA.

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El auténtico viaje de descubrimiento no consiste en buscar nuevos paisajes, sino en tener una mirada nueva
Marcel Proust