Location: Room 48, Ground floor.

For several months the Museum will be showing Gilt by Robert Rauschenberg (1925–2008). Lent by the Ars Fundum Collection, it will be on display in room 48 alongside Express, the canvas by the American artist that is part of the Museum’s permanent collection. The guest painting belongs to the Japanese Recreational Clayworks series executed as the result of a trip to Japan, where the artist worked with the craftsmen of Otsuka Ohmi Ceramics. Rauschenberg transfers his personal iconography to large panels of art ceramic, in the case of Gilt combining Goya’s Naked Maja with photographs taken during his travels to Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya.

A multidisciplinary artist with a critical spirit, Robert Rauschenberg became a key figure in the art of the last decades of the twentieth century for his incorporation of “found” objects into his paintings, his experimentation with transfer techniques, and his forays into the world of science and performance.

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