Location: Room 6, 2nd floor.

For three months, the Museum will be displaying a sculptural group executed in the second half of the 18th century by the Murcia-born artist Francisco Salzillo. Loaned from the Conjunto Monumental de San Juan de Dios in Murcia, it comprises two wooden sculptures: a monstrance and a pair of angels. Salzillo (1707-1783) trained in the studio of his father, the Neapolitan sculptor Nicolás Salzillo, taking over his workshop on his death. An artist whose abilities were officially recognised in 1755 when he was appointed sculptor to the city of Murcia, Francisco Salzillo produced both single figures and processional images, such as those for the Confraternity of Nuestro Padre Jesús.

The Monstrance (ca.1760-1770) now on display at the Museum is unique among the artist’s output. Executed in wood, which is an unusual material for liturgical objects of this type, it was housed in the church of San Esteban in Murcia. It has a base with extremely dynamic scrolling volutes, rocaille work and foliate motifs, while the central, glass-covered element has a circular frame with four child angels at the base.

The Pair of Angels (ca.1764) comes from the church of San Juan de Dios in Murcia. They have been identified with the ones referred to in the will of José Marín y Lamas, a canon of Murcia cathedral. Located on clouds that form their pedestal, the position of their bodies creates powerful diagonals which, combined with the fall of the drapery, produces a marked sense of movement.

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