Visita al museo

Visit the museum for free 

Visit whenever and however you want Enjoy free admission and swift access, avoiding queues and having a unique experience on each visit.

Visita al museo

Discover our temporary exhibitions before anyone else

As a Friend of the Museum, you can visit our temporary exhibitions before they open to the public at large. Best of all, you can bring someone else!

Visita guida

Make a free private tour of the permanent collection

One of the main benefits of being a Friend is the Friends’ free guided tour of the permanent collection when the museum is closed. We offer our Friends this experience every year so they can explore the collection in depth from different perspectives. 

Amigos del museo participando en una actividad.

Enjoy an extensive schedule of exclusive activities

Guided tours  of our temporary exhibitions and visits to other exhibitions, galleries and museums. A programme of online and on-site courses related to our exhibitions and collections. Priority entrance and bookings for the lectures organized by the museum, and for local, national and international trips to major exhibitions currently on show. 

Priority access to digital content

Friends are the first to receive the digital content that the museum produces: videos, online lectures, podcasts, interviews... These enable you to experience the museum from wherever you are.

Amigos del museo en la zona de acceso

Enjoy free admission to other museums with the FEAM card

By joining our Friends community, you will receive the FEAM Card (Spanish Federation of Friends of Museums), which provides access to other publicly owned museums. 

Amigos del museo

Enjoy personalised treatment 

As a Friend of the museum, you will be given personal treatment at the Friends Desk in the museum foyer, or by email or telephone. 

Make the most of exclusive discounts

You will be given a series of exclusive discounts designed to enhance your experience: a 10% discount on products in the Store-Bookshop, on educational activities, on audioguide hire and in the cafeteria
You will also have a 5% discount on publications related to our exhibitions and collections.  

Actividad de Amigos Thyssen en el museo
Join a passionate community
Enjoy all the benefits and a complete cultural experience


Become a Friend +  and a philanthropist!

Side-by-side comparison of advantages by Friend category

All the advantages at a glance

CategoryFree admissionFriends´previewOpenings and annual receptionGuided visitsPublications and catalogues
Young✅ + 1 companion
Reduced✅ + 1 companion
General✅ + 1 companion
Patrons✅ + 1 companion✅ + 1 companion✅ + 1 companion✅ + 1 companion1 publication
Honor✅ + 3 companions✅ + 1 companion✅ + 1 companion✅ + companions3 publications
Benefactor✅ + 5 companions✅ + 1 companion✅ + 1 companion✅ + 5 companionsCatalogue per exhibition
My dear friend Gauguin, I have thought of you very often, and the reason why I did not write sooner is that I did not want to write empty phrases.
Vincent Van Gogh