In this project you can see the results obtained by the museum laboratory using the different technical studies such as X-ray (RX), infrared reflectography (IR), infrared photography and material analysis, using micro sample.

This process is essential for the identification of the painter techniques and the composition of the materials, as well as the distribution of the different layers of the painting.

The restoration of The Death of Hyacinthus has mainly focused in a complex elimination of the consecutive layers of oxidized varnish and dirt accumulated over time. The cleaning brought back its aesthetics unity, the rich tones of the original painting and its vibrating colors filled up with nuances.

The painting was exhibited in Room 17 between 23 June 2017 and 14 January 2018, alongside X-radiographs and infrared reflectographs and other technical material, that show all the work undertaken. Also on display are two drawings by Tiepolo loaned by the Staatsgalerie in Stuttgart. The installation has been devised and created by the Departments of Restoration and Old Masters Painting.

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