Young Knight in a Landscape by Vittore Carpaccio (c. 1505), one of the most iconic works, was restored throughout 2020 and part of 2021. The work was carried out in room 11 of the museum in full view of the public.

The technical studies and analyses of the materials found in the painting made it possible to examine it in depth in order to gain detailed knowledge of the artist’s creative process and working method. The specific information gleaned from these studies enabled us to undertake a thorough restoration with utmost respect for the work.

Restoration not only allows us to read the work as it was intended but also helps ensure its conservation in the best possible condition. For this purpose, the support has been stabilised, fragile areas of the paint have been consolidated, and the old, yellowed varnish that coated the surface and completely distorted the artist’s lighting effects and combinations of colours has been removed. The frame that enhances and protects the painting has also been restored.

With the collaboration of:

Comunidad de Madrid