The publication contains six essays, catalogue reference cards annotated by several authors, a full colour reproduction of the catalogue works, illustrations, a chronology and a bibliography.

The exhibition reflects on the art produced in the city on the lagoon throughout the 16th century; examining this hub of artistic production, which is essential to understanding the history of painting through a careful selection of the themes depicted by the artists who built the legend rather than by periods of styles. The route begins with the artistic contributions of Giovanni Bellini, who laid the foundations for a new manner of painting that was transformed by the brushes of Giorgione and Titian, bringing changes to the city's art scene. Each of the seven sections explores a particular theme that these artists interpreted from a personal approach, stripping the images of their devotional and cultural connotations to produce pure beauty and art. Venetian artists thus eventually gave shape to their own idea of beauty, providing an alternative to the aesthetic ideas that were then spreading from Florence and Rome.

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