Corporate Friends make an important contribution to the conservation and promotion of the collection, as well as to the development of the many activities we organise throughout the year. The support of companies and institutions as sponsors, partners or Friends is crucial to help maintain the high quality of each of the museum's projects.


  • Companies can become Corporate Friends by contributing between € 6,000 and € 30,000 per year.
  • The corporate advantages are tailored to each individual entity and depend on how much the company has donated.
  • Some of the advantages a contribution of € 6,000 include are: two free museum access cards which can be used with up to seven guests; an invitation to all the exhibition openings and our annual reception; two events for up to 20 people in a private space reserved to host the company’s guests in the museum.
  • A Corporate Friend enjoys a 15% discount on the cost of events and visits. And remember, the contribution is subject to a tax relief of 35%.

Thanks to the support of the following Corporate Friends

Contact information

Alejandra Queizán Angell

Responsible for Sponsorship, Patronage and Friends Programme