Founded in 1869 by Henry John Heinz, the H.J. Heinz Company, known as Heinz, is a leading global player in the food industry.

Heinz has established a lasting legacy in the production of iconic food products such as Heinz Ketchup. Their focus on high-quality ingredients and rigorous production processes has earned the trust of millions of consumers worldwide.

In September 2023, in commemoration of World Environmental Health Day, Heinz proposes an installation at the museum linked to its commitment to sustainability. Picture a world without soil, inspired by the renowned work Les Vessenots in Auvers by Van Gogh, to illustrate the importance of caring for our soils, recognized as vital sources for cultivation.

Through the reimagining of one of the museum's great masterpieces, this initiative prompts contemplation on the potential future of our natural environment. Simultaneously, it serves as a reminder of our collective responsibility towards it and aligns with Heinz's practices, which emphasize collaboration with local producers and innovative processes that not only preserve the land but also contribute to its regeneration.