15 March 2024
Spanish with English subtitles

Science is not just a body of knowledge, it is an attitude that teaches us to interact with nature in a sustainable and balanced way. To celebrate Science Week and through this tour offered by Miguel Peiró, doctor in particle physics and cosmology and director of the Academy of Art and Science, we discover with Mastercard how science can be brought closer to people, awakening mystery, amazement and discovery in each of us.

Four symbolic works invite us to immerse ourselves in the world of observation and experimentation. From the impulse in Adam and Eve by Jan Gossaert, to the fascination with the mysteries of nature in Young Woman with a Lighted Candle at a Window, by Gerrit Dou, to the revelation of knowledge in The Supper at Emmaus by Matthias Stom and the connection with ancient wisdom in Portrait of a Lady as a Vestal Virgin by Angelica Kauffmann.

On this journey, we remember that we are all scientists in our own way.

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