From 12 June to 16 September 2012

In this video, Tomàs Llorens who has curated the exhibition together with Didier Ottinger, discusses the key concepts regarding the works of the painter displayed in the museum during the exhibition hosted.

It included 73 works structured into two principal sections. The first opened with Hopper’s time in the studio of Robert Henri at the New York School of Art and covered the years of his training, with works from around 1900 to 1924 that started to reveal his particular and distinctive style. Paintings, drawings, prints and watercolours were displayed alongside various works by other artists including Henri, Félix Vallotton, Walter Sickert, Albert Marquet and Edgar Degas in a dialogue that recreated the one that existed between Hopper and these artists at the time. The second section focused on Hopper’s mature work and is arranged thematically in order to emphasise the most frequently recurring themes and motifs in his work, while also maintaining a chronological flow. Besides the final room of the exhibition had been transformed into a film set in which the American filmmaker Ed Lachmann has produced a recreation of Hopper’s work Morning Sun (1952).


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