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Following the publication of Myths of Pop, the comic (2014), Two Dutchmen in Naples (2016), Museomaquia (2017), Balthus and the Count of Rola (2019), and Georgia O’Keeffe (2021), the museum is continuing to explore the connections that exist between art and the graphic novel.

The cycle Thyssen: The Ninth Passenger will be analysing the expressive characteristics of the comic in relation to painting in the Thyssen collections through a series of encounters with leading Spanish comic creators such as Daniel Torres, Sergio García, Ana Miralles, Paco Roca, Ana Penyas and Laura Pérez Vernetti.

The programme is divided into six sections directed by Elisa McCausland and Diego Salgado. These sections will focus on formal, thematic, historical and sociological aspects with the aim of establishing a fruitful, forward-looking dialogue between the worlds of painting and the comic.