For the fifth consecutive year, our series of summer concerts is held on the museum’s terraces, this time under the label Momentos Alhambra | AperitivosThyssen. On different Saturdays, from July to September, we can enjoy a different concert.

This time, under the title Anonymous. Songs for an unknown character, the music cycle focuses on exploring those characters that we contemplate in works of the collection and of whom we do not have a biographical account. Unknown characters today, but protagonists in their time, to whom we want to dedicate this edition of AperitivosThyssen, creating a contemporary story around them with the complicity of the musicians participating in the project.

Each invited musician or group will dialogue with one of these characters without identity, endowing them with a vital story, and paying tribute to them through their music.

The entrance will be free until full capacity is reached.

Sponsored by:

Momentos Alhambra