Surrealism is one of the 20th century’s most important cultural movements and its repercussions extend to the present day; a collective adventure steered by the charismatic and controversial figure of André Breton. It emerged in Paris in the 1920s and encompassed all the arts: poetry, prose, painting, film, theatre, photography and music, as well as actions of a notably subversive nature.

Taking painting as its starting point, this course will focus on all the artistic disciplines characteristic of Surrealism. It will also encourage participants to escape reality in the manner of its protagonists by communicating with the irrational and delving into the unconscious in order to arrive at the place and process from which these ideas devoid of any logic or reason emerged, eventually taking shape as ambiguous and enigmatic images.

The course is taught by María Corral via the Microsoft Teams platform. It is structured into three sessions with the option of Friday afternoons or Sunday mornings.