General public

Thursdays at 12.00 and 17.00 and Saturdays at 12.00

Gallery D. Second floor

Activity included in an entry ticket to the museum

During the 2018‒19 academic year, the programme In the Gallery is devoted to works by female artists.

Each month participants have a chance to learn more about a piece from the permanent collection through explanations provided by the team of volunteers. The volunteers give an introduction to each of the featured works – including Gabriele Münter’s Self-Portrait (about 1908), Louise Moillon’s Still Life with Fruit (about 1637) and Georgia O’Keeffe’s Shell and Old Shingle V (1926) – in order to establish a dialogue with visitors about the role played by these artists in their respective contexts.

The explanations take place in front of the painting selected for that particular month. Duration: 30 minutes approximately.

Louise Moillon’s Still Life with Fruit is the work selected for January: 

3 January
12.00 and 17.00
5 January
10 January
12.00 and 17.00
12 January
17 January
12.00 and 17.00
19 January
24 January
12.00 and 17.00
26 January
31 January
12.00 and 17.00