The museum is organising a day of talks given by specialists which will focus on the restoration and technical analysis of Young Knight in a Landscape by Vittore Carpaccio, the results of which will be presented from May 2022 in a special installation in Room 11.

Divided into five sessions, this study day will look at issues such as the identity of the figure in the painting, the reconstruction of his image, the armour and weapons and the botanical specimens that accompany him, and the restoration and technical studies undertaken.

The talks will be given by Ubaldo Sedano, the museum’s head of restoration; Susana Pérez and Alejandra Martos, head of the department and restorer at the museum, respectively, who worked on the painting; Augusto Gentili, senior professor of the history of modern art at the Ca’Foscari, Venice; Álvaro Soler del Campo, head of the Royal Armoury of the Royal Collections; and Eduardo Barba, botanical researcher for works of art.