The exhibition Hyperreal. The Art of Trompe l’Oeil brings together works by artists who have deceived and fascinated viewers over the centuries by the exact reproduction of reality on their canvases. With the collaboration of the Comunidad de Madrid, more than 100 works will be displayed at the museum in order to reveal how the laws of optics and perspective were used in the creation of painted images that appear to be real.

Due to the intention to capture the appearance of reality in these paintings, the pictorial resources and techniques employed have survived over time and are present in different subjects through which artists have ensured the continuity of this genre, each in their own style.

Friends now have the chance to enjoy a private tour of the exhibition in small groups and with different date and time options. Prior booking required. Friends can also be the first to visit the exhibition in the company of a guest at the Preview exclusively organised for them on Sunday 13 March before the official inauguration. Booking also required.