The exhibition Cotton Under My Feet is the result of three years of creative travels by the Lebanese artist Walid Raad, culminating in a series of performances which reveal the complex art-historical hypotheses that articulate this project.

The artist himself acts as a very special guide for this activity, a tour of the galleries entitled Two Drops per Heartbeart which is designed to cast a new and surprising light on the museum. Raad invites visitors to accompany him as he enters into a web of unexpected coincidences in which fiction and reality, space and time and history and fantasy overlap, giving rise to a vertiginous reflection on the legacy of the Thyssen-Bornemisza collections and their connections with the history of art.

The tours take place at 1 pm and 5 pm and last approximately 75 minutes. They can be followed in two languages: in English by Walid Raad or with simultaneous translation into Spanish.

Taking pictures during the activity is not allowed.

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