Open Windows 9

December 2019

Online periodical regarding research of the works of the Collection

In Memoriam of Cecchino Bracci. En memoria de Cecchino Bracci, 1962

David Hockney and the Memory of Michelangelo

Raymond Carlson

Shortly after David Hockney (b. 1937) graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1962, he and several classmates became the subject of an article both disdainful and prescient. The author was the art critic of The Observer, Nevile Wallis, who had seen their work in several local exhibitions. Dubbing them the “School of Ironic Painting,” Wallis claimed the group’s wry visual commentary had yet to acquire real bite.

Pages 2 — 21

The Card Game. La partida de naipes, 1948-1950

A chance encounter

New information on Balthus’s Card Game

Marta Ruiz del Árbol


It all began one day in 1953 when the director of the Hanover Gallery in London saw a stranger enter the premises. From the far end she watched him walk around in silence before going up to her to congratulate her on the selection of pictures hanging on the walls.

Pages 22 — 29

Diana Bathing (The Fountain). El baño de Diana (La Fuente), c. 1869-1870

The Secret Life of Corot’s Diana bathing

Clara Marcellán


During the autumn of 2018, Camille Corot’s Diana bathing  took part in the Corot: Women exhibition at the National Gallery of Art in Washington. It is standard procedure for museums to request background information on the past owners, exhibition history and bibliography of the works they borrow for temporary shows. This information helps the curator and the people in charge of the project to fully document the ideas and argument presented.

Pages 30 — 42