February 2020

The Encounter with Kindred Beings musical experience fills the rooms of the Thyssen with magic thanks to the vitality that exudes from Billiard Players (1920), by Varvara Fedorovna Stepanova, and the energy of the music composed by the duo Dúa de Pel. And so Stepanova’s schematic shapes grow free and dynamic to the pace of the salsa piece Movimiento, created especially for this work. And the result? Painting and music show their capacity to bring people together, regardless of their origin.

Performing: Eva Guillamón and Sonia Megías, of Dúa de Pel; Marta Escudero, Rafael Tarjuelo and Rubén García-Casarrubios, of PlecTres; Juan Gabriel Amores and Juan Ernesto Santos, percussion; Ana Hormigos, flute; Jesús Fernández, clarinet; Beatriz Alcaine, wardrobe; and Natalia Martz, sound technician.

The Encounter with Kindred beings is the fifth part of the musical tour Movement, Better Shared and a new experience as part of 360º Thyssen, the project that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the works of the museum from different perspectives thanks to the collaboration of Fundación BBVA.

More Information

To experience this piece immersively, open the video on YouTube, wait for it to load and drag your finger across the screen to look around as it plays. Or just move your smartphone to enter the rooms of the museum.

If you want to continue exploring the relationship between painting and music, you can download the app Second Canvas Thyssen and enjoy the Sonic Paintings tour.

In collaboration with: Fundación BBVA.

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