The Kora exhibition series, which adopts a gender-based approach, has now reached its sixth edition with Fictional Stages, a solo exhibition by artist Ana Esteve Reig (born Agres, 1986). It focuses on issues such as identity and its construction, the importance of images in that process, and the elements that culturally configure people to make them the way they are.

The stages are possible places, neither entirely real nor invented, and anything might happen in them. Music, internet, social media, human relationships and what generates them are some of the themes analysed in the different projects presented. They take the form of audiovisual works in which the characters move freely between different identities, aesthetics and realities in an ongoing process of construction.

The exhibition, curated by Semíramis González and coordinated by Laura Andrada, from the museum´s Curatorial Department, is presented in the 1st floor exhibition gallery and also in Rooms 19, 20 and 21 in dialogue with works from the Permanent Collection.