An outstanding painting by Camille Corot, The Park of the Lions at Port-Marly, is the subject of the 10th exhibition this summer in the Contexts series, based on the permanent collection of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid. Corot painted this canvas in August 1872 during the ten days that he spent in the house of his friend and pupil Georges Rodrigues-Henriques in Port-Marly. The exhibition aims to study in depth the relationship between Corot and the Rodrigues-Henriques family. With this end in mind, it features the three paintings that the 76-year-old Corot executed during that summer during his stay at Port-Marly, as well as some of his paintings which belonged to the family and paintings by Georges Rodrigues-Henriques himself realised during the same period. The exhibition brings together a unique group of works for the first time and also looks into various issues related to a little-known episode in the life of the great French painter.