The system of patriarchy continues to be fostered by the history of art displayed in museums, in which women artists of the past are still overlooked and the presence of works by living women artists is limited. The exhibition Patriarchy, to be shown at the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza between 8 February and 31 March, features two performative works by the artists Cristina Lucas (Speak, 2008) and Eulàlia Valldosera (Mutual dependence, 2009) which offer responses to a patriarchal tradition that appropriated the languages of art and discourse and that of their transmission, reducing women’s language and desire to silence; a silence that has become an effective tool for male domination over women.

The exhibition is also presenting two new works: the icon Speak (2029), by Cristina Lucas, and the performance The other invisible ones, that Eulàlia Valldosera will present at the permanent collection galleries on 25 February at 12.00. 

Patriarchy takes place in the context of the Kora programme, which presents one exhibition a year at the Museo Thyssen from a gender viewpoint.