In the early years of the 20th century Russia witnessed an unprecedented cultural renaissance in which women played a key role: the participation of women in the Russian avant-garde was not only sizeable but also very active and significant.

Pioneers. Women of the Russian avant-garde brings together a selection of 12 works from the museum’s own collections by some of the most important women artists of this movement: Natalia Goncharova, Alexandra Exter, Olga Rozanova, Nadeshda Udaltsova, Liubov Popova, Varvara Stepanova and Sonia Delaunay, as well as texts, biographies and photographs. The display is completed with a video on the restoration of Fishing (Fishermen and Women) by Natalia Goncharova and Billiard Players by Varvara Stepanova.

In addition, on Wednesday 5 June at 18.00 the curator of this display, Marta Ruiz del Árbol, will give a talk on the life and work of the featured artists (free entry).

Short video of the special display (in Spanish)

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