Contexts of the Permanent Collection 22

The 22nd exhibition in the Contexts of the Permanent Collection series will be devoted to Pieter Saenredam (1597-1665), one of the most notable painters of the 17th century, swo devoted much of his oeuvre to the depiction of buildings, seen from both inside and outside. Saenredam was also a pioneer in his investigation of perspectie and in his use of preparatory sdetches and measurements taken in situ, which provided the starting-point for his paintings. These practices distinguish him from his predecessors and from other contemporary artists. Saenredam produced numerous preparatory sketches in Haarlem where he lived, and he also moved to other villages and cities such as Assendelft, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rhenen and Alkmaar in order to draw and take measurementes. This exhibition will offer a surey of his work and will include his finest and most exquisitely painted compositiones created over the course of his career.

Works in this exhibition

The West Façade of the Church of Saint Mary in Utrecht. La fachada occidental de la iglesia de Santa María de Utrecht, 1662