The exhibition includes more than 70 works and aims to offer an overview of Alfred Sisley’s entire career, covering the different countries and areas which he visited and painted in the course of his life. Perhaps less famous than the other members of the group – Monet, Renoir, Pissarro and Degas – Sisley is however, considered to be one of the purest exponents of Impressionism; his way of life, working methods and his art represent the essence of this movement, to whose founding principles he remained faithful throughout his career. One of the principal aims of the exhibition is to rediscover and highlight the figure of Sisley in the context of the Impressionist painters, but also as one of the great landscapes painters in the history of art, gifted with an exceptional sensitivity for colour and an innate sense of composition. At the same time, it will investigate some little-known but no less important themes in order to re-evaluate his art, including his links with English Romantic painting, and the until now relatively unstudied period at the end of his career from 1880-1899.