The Ukrainian artist Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979) was a key figure in the Parisian avant-garde. Together with her husband, the painter Robert Delaunay, she undertook an artistic adventure based on contrasts of colour and the dissolving of form through light that led towards abstraction.

Sonia Delaunay. Art, design and fashion is the first monographic exhibition on the artist in Spain and aims to reveal the full extent of her multi-disciplinary artistic practice. Paintings and designs for clothes and textiles are shown alongside her innovative collaborations with poets and set designers. The exhibition also pays particular attention to the period when the artist and her family lived in Madrid, arriving there exactly 100 years ago.

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Sonia Delaunay, The Bal Bullier
Sonia Delaunay. Simultaneous Dress
Sonia Delaunay, Flamenco Singers (Large Flamenco)
Sonia Delaunay. Cover Design for the Catalogue of the 1916 Stockholm Exhibition: Self-Portrait
Sonia Delaunay, Dress-Poem: The Extractor Fan Turns in the Head’s Heart (text by Tristan Tzara)
Simultaneous Dresses (Three Women, Forms, Colours). Vestidos simultáneos. (Tres mujeres, formas, colores), 1925