ARTIKA is a special patron of the restoration and technical study of one of the museum’s finest masterpieces taking place from December 2018 until December 2019.

This is a very special project for the museum because it has been partially financed through a crowdfunding campaign in which more than 600 people participated. ARTIKA made the final contribution to the project, helping us to far exceed our fundraising target.

The Piazza San Marco in Venice, painted by Giovanni Antonio Canal (known as Canaletto) in 1723, shows the urban landscape of the city with an attention to detail and meticulousness that are difficult to match. This genre of painting is called veduta, describing paintings focused on portraying panoramic views of cities often sold to wealthy tourists. Almost 300 years after it was created this painting was very much in need of being cleaned and restored. This will be carried out with together with a technical study to reveal in detail the techniques and pigments used, as well as to understand the compositional phases of the painting.

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The Piazza San Marco in Venice. La Plaza de San Marcos en Venecia, c. 1723-1724