Map. Level 2
114th Century. Early Italian Painting
215th Century. German and Spanish Painting
315th Century. Early Netherlandish Painting
415th Century. Italian Painting
515th and 16th Centuries. Renaissance Portraiture
616th Century. Villahermosa Gallery
716th Century. Italian Painting
8, 915th and 16th Centuries. German Painting
1016th Century. Netherlandish Painting
1116th Century. Carpaccio’s Knight: Restoration and technical study
1217th Century. Caravaggio and Baroque Painting
13, 14, 1517th Century. Italian, French and Spanish Painting
16, 17, 1818th Century. Italian Painting
1917th Century. Flemish Painting
2017th Century. Flemish and Dutch Painting. Italianate Trends
2117th Century. Still Life
2218th Century. Italian Painting
2317th Century. Dutch Painting. Landscape
2418th Century. French and English Painting
2517th Century. Dutch Painting. Scenes of Daily Life and Interiors
2617th Century. Dutch Painting. Landscape
2717th Century. Dutch Painting. Portrait
2817th Century. Dutch Painting. Landscape
2919th Century. European Painting. Goya and Romanticism
Map. Level 1
3019th Century. Naturalism and Realism
3119th Century. Impressionism
3220th Century. Expressionisms
3320th Century. German Avant-gardes
3420th Century. Cubism and its Wake
3520th Century. Geometric Abstraction
3620th Century. Russian Avant-gardes
3720th Century. Avant-garde Portraits
3820th Century. German New Objectivity
3920th Century. The School of London
4020th Century. Russian Avant-gardes
4120th Century. Dada
4220th Century. Surrealism
4320th Century. European Post-war Figurative Art
Map. Level 0
A17th and 18th Centuries. Old Masters
B19th Century. North American Landscape
C19th Century. French Naturalist Landscape
D19th Century. Impressionism
E19th Century. Monet and North American Impressionism
F19th Century. Gauguin and Postimpressionism
G19th and 20th Centuries. Neo Impressionism and its Wake
H20th Century. Early Avant-gardes
I20th Century. Between the Wars Painting. Cubism, Abstraction and Surrealism
J20th Century. North American Painting and Others


Icono Cafetería-restaurante
Icono Audioguías
Audio guides, (Adapted audio guides)
Icono Aseos
Icono Tienda
Icono Aseo accesible
Adapted toilet
Icono Ascensor adaptado
Adapted lift
Icono Información
Icono Lactancia
Baby change and feeding room
Icono Taquilla
Ticket office
Icono Escaleras
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Friends of the Museum
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Audio induction loop
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As the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza makes constant contributions to temporary exhibitions, works from the collection are often out on loan. The absence of such works may lead to specific replacements, changes in installations and the placing of notices with information regarding the loan.We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause

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