On display in the entrance hall until 8 January is an 18th century Neapolitan crib belonging to the Isidro Brunete collection and once again on loan for display at the museum during the Christmas period. The crib was assembled from the 1970s and is notable for the figures of the angels, those of the Mystery - the Virgin, the Christ Child and Saint Joseph - the Magi and the detailed and extensive setting that illustrates everyday life of the period. The latter features street sellers, musicians, travellers, passers-by, shoppers, innkeepers and a wide range of trades and crafts which surround the Birth of Christ with their vivacity and expressiveness. In a new feature, this year the figure of the artist Antonio López with his easel is also to be seen, painting the angels of the Nativity.

Educathyssen is offering two special activities for families during the school holidays: Interconnecting arts: Lope on wheels, a theatrical performance that combines narrative, verse and art; and Simultaneous games, a workshop-visit for creating celebratory spaces through art and play. In addition, on 24 and 31 December there will be a special edition of Travelling Families, an activity aimed at families with children aged between 7 and 12 in which participants can discover the collection through the thematic route “The city for travelling families.”

During the Christmas period and at the start of the New Year both the museum’s collections and the temporary exhibitions will be open at their normal times: from Tuesdays to Sundays, 10 am to 7 pm, except for 24 and 31 December when the museum closes at 3 pm; and 25 and 1 January when the museum is closed. Furthermore, there will be special extended opening hours for Picasso/Chanel and The Third Pole. Himali Singh Soin with music by David Soin Tappeser which will remain open until 10 pm on the following dates: 27 to 30 December, and 3 to 7 January; on Fridays until 6 January (except 16 December), Saturdays (except 24 and 31 December); and public holidays (except 25 December and 1 January).

Also opening during normal times are the Cafeteria-Restaurant and the Giftshop/Bookshop, the latter offering a wide range of items inspired by the temporary exhibitions and works in the collection and with original ideas for Christmas presents. Finally, another good gift idea is a Friends of the Museum Card.