Give the Friend Card as a gift

  • Free entry and speedy access to the museum.
  • Free entry or discount plus speedy access to a number of other museums.
  • Free, private guided tour of the permanent collection on specific dates.
  • Exclusive activities (courses, trips, seminars, guided tours etc.)
  • Invitations to the Friends’ Preview of each temporary exhibition with one guest.
  • Private guided tours of temporary exhibitions for 5€
  • Adding extra guests for 35€
  • 10% discount at our bookshop, on educational activities and audio guide hire.
  • 5% discount on our publications and in our coffee shop.

Special pricing

1 member / Guests +35€

Frequently asked questions

How long is the subscription valid?

The subscription includes a calendar year, from the month in which the Friend is registered until the end of the same month of the following year.

I do pay the subscription for the first year, but what happens the next year?

You can renew yourself or the person who has received the gift.

Can I buy a subscription for several years?

You can pay the yearly fee by direct debit for your convenience: the card is renewed every year.

Do I get any benefits for giving it as a gift to someone else?

Yes: you get the tax deduction. If you want the deduction to be applied for the beneficiary of the Friends’ Card, you can call +34 914 294 310 or email us to

What kind of data do I need from the person I am giving the gift?

To register and issue the card, we just need the name and surname of the beneficiary. Subsequently, the data needed will be requested so that the new Friend can receive all the information.

Being a friend of the museum allows you to see both the permanent collection and the temporary exhibitions? Do I have to pick up a ticket at the box office?

The Friends of the museum have direct access to the entire museum, it is not necessary to go through the ticket counter or information desk. It is enough to show the Friend Card and the Identity Card (DNI) in the access controls of the permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Do the Friends of the museum have to wait in line?

No, the Friends of the museum can always access without queuing at the ticket office or access to the access control of the rooms they want to visit.

Now that I am a Friend, can I take my children to the museum?

All children under 18 can enter the museum free of charge by collecting a ticket at the ticket office. To participate in the activities of the Friends program, you will need to register as Young Friends.

How do I substantiate the Type of Friend chosen if I am over 65 or under 31?

The card remains inactive while waiting for the supporting document to be presented (by email to or in person at the Friends’ help desk (at the Museum's central hall).

What does the person to whom I give the gift receive?

A welcome pack that includes the Friend Card and all the documentation and information about the program.

Can I choose how and where the gift is sent?

Of course. If the gift is purchased online, you have several options. It can be sent to the beneficiary's address, to the address of the person purchasing it or it can be collected at the Museum itself.

How long does it take to get the welcome pack?

Approximately 15 days. It is sent by certified mail and it takes time for the transport company to arrive. If you need a specific date, you can contact us to arrange it and pick it up at the Museum by calling: +34 914 294 310

Once received, do you have to do something to activate the Amiga card?

It is updated automatically. When you receive your card it will be activated, you can use it directly without having to carry out any other procedure. Only the card will be sent without activating in the case that you have to prove, by means of a valid document, your condition as a young person (under 31 years of age) or your reduced status (over 65 years of age, retired, pensioner or disabled person). After the presentation of this document you will activate the card.

Why should we provide the NIF number?

The NIF number is requested with the sole purpose of preparing the certificate for the corresponding tax deductions in Spain. Being a Friend of the museum allows you to deduct at least 75% of the amount of the donation in the IRPF fee. (Income tax deduction: for the first 150 €, 75% of the donation, and the rest at 30%.) If in the two previous tax periods there have been donations, donations or contributions entitled to deduct in favor of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection Foundation for an equal or superior amount, in each of them, to the previous period, the percentage of deduction for the amount that exceeds € 150 will be 35% .The base of the deduction may not exceed 10 % of the taxpayer's taxable base).

If I am a Friend of the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum in Madrid, do I have access to the Carmen Thyssen Museum, Malaga?

Since April 2013, all the Friends of the museum can purchase the entrance to the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga with a 50% discount and enjoy a 10% discount in the museum shop. To benefit from the respective discounts, it is essential to prove your status as a Friend of the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum, by presenting a card and D.N.I. The advantage is valid for the holder of the card and for the companions corresponding to each modality.

And to other museums?

As a Friend of the museum you have access to all the museums assigned and managed by the General Subdirectorate of the Ministry of Culture to which the FEAM card (Spanish Federation of Friends of Museums) gives access.

What is the additional donation?

It is an additional financial contribution to your Friends’ fee with which you will increase your support for the different programs developed by the museum. At any time you can make a donation or increase the annual contribution.

What is the donation of the Friends destined for?

All contributions are directed to the realization of projects of the Museum, such as restoration or technical studies of works.

Need help?

We are here to help or to clarify any doubt regarding your subscription to the Friends’ Program. You can reach us via phone, email or face to face in the Museum.

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