January 2020

The Treasure of the Essential is a musical journey that reflects on questions of identity. It is a proposal that, through the works of the museum, music, the songs of the Pipil people and contemporary dance, offers a decolonized perspective of the museum's collections to remind us that we are all part of the same network of relations and we are connected through nature.

The works that make up the tour are: Group Portrait of Sir Elijah and Lady Impey (ca. 1783 - 1784), by Johan Zoffany; Interior of the Temple of Diana at Nimes (1783), by Hubert Robert; Cross in the Wilderness (1857), by Frederic Edwin Church; Cross at Sunset (1848), by Thomas Cole; Greenwood Lake (1870), by Jasper Francis Cropsey; Falls of Saint Anthony, Upper Mississippi (1847), by Henry Lewis; The Falls of Saint Anthony (1871), by George Catlin; Shinnecock Hills (1893 - 1897), by William Merritt Chase; The Lost Trail (ca. 1856), by Charles Ferdinand Wimar; Autumn (1875), by Frederic Edwin Church; Morning (ca. 1878), by George Inness; Two Female Nudes in a Landscape (ca. 1922), by Otto Müller; Summer in Nidden (1919 - 1922), by Max Pechstein; Curving Bay (ca. 1914), by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Sun and Moon. The Aztecs (1966), by Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Participating in the proposal are: Paula López, author of the songs with lyrics; Estela Patriz, performer in the Nahuatl language; Margarita Marroquí and Beatriz Alcaine, ancestral knowledge; Lucía Marote, dance; David Mayoral, ethnic percussion; Felipe Zaragozí, alto sax; María Chamizo, soprano sax; Juan Florencio Casas, tenor sax; Daniel Durán, baritone sax; Eva Guillamón, dramaturgy and set design; Sonia Megías, composition and coordination; and the Education Area of the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, general coordination.

More Information

The Treasure of the Essential is the second musical tour as part of the Perpetuum Mobile project created by Sonia Megías. A new experience as part of 360º Thyssen, the project that allows you to discover the works of the museum from different perspectives thanks to the collaboration of Fundación BBVA.

If you want to continue exploring the relationship between painting and music, you can download the app Second Canvas Thyssenand enjoy the Sonic Paintings tour.

In collaboration with: Fundación BBVA.

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