December 2019

Up and Down is a musical journey that invites us to reflect on the perpetual cycles that accompany the future of the human race in both the physical and spiritual dimensions. Thus, through a dialogue between five of the museum's paintings and different musical compositions and through an experience with infrasounds, we embark on a journey from the radiant and celestial light of different religious works to the depths of the soul of Mark Rothko.

The works that make up the tour are: The Assumption of the Virgin (ca. 1450), by Johann Koerbecke; Pastoral Landscape with the Flight into Egypt (1663), by Claude Lorraine; Easter Morning (ca. 1830), by Caspar David Friedrich; Expulsion. Moon and Firelight (ca. 1828), by Thomas Cole; and, Untitled (Green on Maroon) (1961), by Mark Rothko.

Participating in the proposal are: The Madrid Youth Choir, directed by Juan Pablo de Juan; Ana Mirtha Gutiérrez, texts; Natalia Martz, infrasounds; Eva Guillamón, dramaturgy and set design; Sonia Megías, composition and coordination, and the Education Area of the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, general coordination.

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Up and Down is the first musical journey of the project Perpetuum Mobile created by the composer Sonia Megías. A new experience as part of 360º Thyssen, the project that allows you to discover the works of the museum from different perspectives thanks to the collaboration of Fundación BBVA.

 If you want to continue exploring the relationship between painting and music, you can download the app Second Canvas Thyssen and enjoy the Sonic Paintings tour.

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